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Pavement Striping Markings

Pavement Markings and Pavement Striping

Professional pavement markings and signage helps to attract customers. Additionally a well maintained drive area and parking lot improves traffic safety and may be required for ADA regulations or building codes. We offer complete services for pavement marking, parking lot striping, traffic signal signs and related needs. From paint striping or thermoplastic tapes to reflective markers, bollards and signage we can complete commercial or industrial projects of any size. Our pavement marking services include:

Pavement Striping

Our pavement striping professionals can help your business with parking lot layout designs to maximize the number of parking spaces, improve traffic flow and meet regulatory standards. In addition to the normal parking space painted striping we can install thermoplastic tape striping for handicapped spaces, crosswalks, balk lines, fire lanes, no parking areas, directional arrows and more. We thoroughly clean the area to be painted and use only paints which are approved for commercial pavement striping and marking.

Pavement Markings

We offer a variety of pavement marking services including thermoplastic pavenment markings. We can provide reflective pavement markers, standard and custom metal signal signs for handicapped parking, fire lanes, speed control, no parking zones, tow warnings and more. All of our signage and pavement marking items are approved for commercial use and meet applicable code requirements.

Bollards, Bumpers & Wheel Stops

We offer many types of bollards (pipe bumpers), vehicle stops and protective equipment. All of these items may be painted or marked according to your specific needs. From straight pipe or horseshoe bollards to concrete and fiberglass vehicle stops we have the solutions to protect your buildings, light poles, dumpsters and other structures that are prone to being hit by inattentive drivers. We can install, paint and add reflective striping to any of these protective items.

Industrial Pavement Marking

Our pavement marking professionals are experienced in Industrial Pavement Marking including commercial truck facilities, warehouse floors, and other areas requiring highly customized markings. Typical applications are loading zones, security gate areas, fire lanes, no-block areas and similar applications to control pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Industrial pavement markings can be done with commercial grade striping paint, thermoplastic tape and any of our signage products.

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