The Paving Guys

Why I Trust The Paving Guys

Why I Trust the Paving Guys

There’s a reason why A.F., a senior property manager with a major real estate company, has relied on The Paving Guys for ten years. During that time, we’ve maintained, repaired and installed new paving on more than 100 acres of her firm’s parking lots in Roswell and Alpharetta. A.F. says,


“In the beginning I would bid out our paving projects, but I’ve developed such a good working relationship with them that I just use them exclusively. They’ve done the full gamut of paving work for us and I’ve never had an issue. They are attentive and responsive and do great work.


“The Paving Guys’ proposals are very detailed, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. I have very high standards and they always meet my expectations.”

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We’re ready to meet your expectations, too.  Asphalt paving and repair is our business and for the last decade we’ve earned the trust of hundreds of Atlanta’s most prestigious companies — companies that expect the best. Call 770-426-9200 or send us an email for an estimate on professional paving today.